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The Psychic Artist Development

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Level 2: Spirit Portraiture

Come and discover the power of drawing pictures that symbolise the aura with imagery to support the personality, hopes, dreams of the sitter but for level 2 includes the portrait of the Spirit communicator.

Suitable for Intermediates:

Date: 27 May 2023

3.00 pm - 6.30 pm UK Time

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Two Tutor: Anne-Marie Bond 

The Workshops Overview

Auragraphs are drawings within a circle, pictures within pictures to create surrealism artwork meant to represent your life in a symbolic way. The artist may choose to read the colours and symbols to relate to the sitters life, past, present and hopes. Some choose to read the Auragraphs as a Soul reading, what the Soul wishes the sitter to know.

The psychic artist or spirit artist would draw intuitively with their focus being on the recipient.  Their role is to blend with the recipients Auric field and then place the symbolic images/objects/people/pets within the floral drawing.  Later interpret the symbolism to mirror the life and Soul journey of the recipient.  It takes time to learn how to draw confidently, to blend and how to interpret. You are offered full length Auragraph online workshops and weekly drawing classes to improve your symbolic surrealism art.

There are FOUR options.

Join the 3 hour plus workshops for Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3. You can choose to do them together or as any single one standalone. These levels consist of PowerPoint presentation for 30 minutes and cover all teaching aspects. However, you could choose to join the weekly drawing Auragraph circles.  Enter just one, or all as you choose. No skill needed to interpret the auragraphs as this is a drawing development circle.


  • Level 1:  (suitable for complete beginner artists)

  • Learn to draw symbolism and apply watercolour to produce a vibrant story and translate aspects of the sitter's life, mindset, past, and even possible future elements.

  • Level 2:  (suitable for beginner / intermediate artists)

  • Spirit Portraiture Auragraphs. Drawing the face of Spirit and why they wish to connect with the recipient at this time. Plus reading the auragraphs.

  • Level 3:  (suitable for beginner / intermediate artists)

  • Christmas Auragraph (Large) Putting all the skills learnt together and creating an awesome festive season artwork, plus reading the auragraphs. 

Follow Along Live Drawing Classes on Zoom Each Week: Weekly Auragraph Drawing Circle (go here)

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Workshop Investment

£50.00   (Workshop ended)



Workshop Investment

£55.00   29 April 2023 - 3pm-6.30pm

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Workshop Investment

£49.00   02 December 2023 - 3pm-6.00pm



You will receive an email of payment confirmation within the same day.  You will also receive the zoom code and password for the workshop with details on what to bring.  If you haven't already shared this page to friends why not now?

Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop.