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Title: Oracle Card Design Masterclass Online Workshop, Designed for Total Beginners

Duration: Over Two Days (times vary)

Entry Level: Total Beginners or more skilled

Oracle Reading Knowledge: None needed

Drawing Skill Required: None needed

Masterclass Format: Professional Live Presentation, Demonstration, Step-by-Step Delivery


Objective: To design and create x22 guidance oracle cards as a complete set. No drawing skills are required. Follow along tutor's live instruction and guidance. Colour Harmony, Size Design Format, Structure Building, Guidance Words and more taught in this intimate group setting. Limitation of numbers permitted. Materials provided on successful registration.

Knowledge Work: Between 1-2 hours will be required the first night.

Purpose: You do not need to be an Oracle reader to join this workshop. You may design cards with your spiritual team that inspires you to use certain words or phrases that when you have a full set delivered to your home, you may use these cards as your daily pick a card for guidance. A fast-track masterclass to help you design your first or second set of oracle cards. Alternatively, you can order more copies of your Oracle set and sell them or give them to friends and family.  An intimate group setting of no more than six in one Masterclass. I hope you get to be one of them!


Previous comments

"Excellent workshop"

"Well worth the money"

"Didn't believe I could design, now I know I can"

"I'd highly recommend this workshop"

DISCLAIMER: There are no refunds due to any reason for being unable to attend, nor can you swap payment to another workshop because unable to make one in particular. Refunds or swap days offered within 48 hours of initial payment made and at least 10 days prior to event date.

Wed 21 & Thu 22 December 2022  


DAY 1: 5.00pm-9.00pm UK BST  DAY 2: 4.00pm-8.30pm UK BST

Standard: Two-day - Mixed Levels

VIP: Two-day Purchasing the VIP space will reward you with 1 hour of bonus time at the end of the workshop, completing any questions or assistance. You will also receive a typed blurb to use in your boxed set, signed and approved by me of the authenticity of your creation.

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