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Learn to read the PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE  Private 1:1 Mentoring

(via Zoom) - Coaching Appointments 



A private weekend masterclass via Zoom and with Anne-Marie who will tutor you in how to read the Tarot, accurately, with speed, with flow and with confidence. The session begins with a mini reading about you, your life, past, present and future goals.  This appointment will give you the fundamentals you need to begin. Learning Tarot in 1.5 hours means you will become a professional reader!  What it does mean is that you will walk away understanding the foundation, understanding how to follow a Tarot spread that works 'every single time' and to be able to read for friends and family. 


  • Teaching all the aspects from beginner to advanced to working on psychic phonelines, pitfalls, highs and how to earn money from your skill in serving others



Anne-Marie has taught all over the world teaching people in large groups, small groups and on 1:1 basis.  As a working Tarot psychic, Anne-Marie's clients range from Lawyers to Cleaners to Office staff to Housewives to VIP's and book her from Dubai, China, Europe, America and many other countries.



As the highest service available you will leave the weekend gaining a full intepretation of EACH 78 cards, how to combine the cards, tell the various stories and relate to the recipient by attunement. You will be shown different ways of studying to enhancing the 'memory' aspect and reading fast, fluid and easily.  You will gain the best study material to help support you beyond the weekend.

Please note:

This is for a private Masterclass with me and you, as the sole student.  I intend to show you how to read the tarot cards in various ways to enhance your fludity of reading and becoming great at what you do.  You want the WOW factor. You want the SUCCESS. You want to be SPOT on!

You want to provide CLARITY, GUIDANCE and more.  Fully invest into this weekend and leave with the tools and skills to do just that.  She will show you how to become reimbursed of your investment by your skill for others.

The cost will always be higher than group sessions.  However, the benefits is the fast-track improvement you gain by having a private coaching session focusing solely on your specific needs.

Optional Service: £50.00

Once ready, after the weekend, you can opt to do an assessment and gain a completion certificate. This involves 3 people of Anne-Marie's choosing (randomly) to observe the reading, style, delivery, attunement all within 1hr 30 minutes.

Your investment ensures you are not learning from someone who has learnt their skills over a weekend at college, or via YouTube. You will gain knowledge and experience Anne-Marie has acquired over the last 30 years to assist you with 'fast-tracking' aspects of your desired goal.


Follow up sessions will be booked at £50.00 per session at 45 minutes each. 

90 mins:

Once booked an appointment is made within 1-10 days regarding schedule suitability for both


Gaining Clarity Discussion / Technique Training


Weekend Training 1:1

Choose from these time slots, that best suits your country time zone.

9.00am - 4.00pm

5.00pm - 11.00pm

7.00am - 1.00pm

Discussion / Intensive Training

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