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Entry Level: Beginners

29 30 Jun 2022 (Wed/Thur)

6pm-9pm / 4pm-8.30pm UK BST

Non UK residents are responsible for double checking their own time zones before booking.

via ZOOM


Welcome to The Trance Spirit Art Online Workshop


Held on Zoom, students worldwide can join and learn a skill to develop a stronger relationship with their spirit guide teacher.

This workshop provides a taster into trance art that supports the development of automatic spirit portraiture art for trainee spirit and psychic artists. 

An Introductory trance art is an online workshop for complete beginners.  This workshop will be recorded so those running late or unable to attend for some unforseen reason will be able to review it after the workshop for a period of time.  There are no refunds for sameday cancellations so please when booking ensure you can make it.

Developing a trance state for mediumship takes time for the medium to establish the process of moving the mind through an altered state of consciousness. The level of an altered state depends on what outcome is required. Depending on the relationship built over time between the medium and their spirit control will determine the 'holding' space of the medium's mind. The goal is to allow the spirit control to speak using the medium's vocal cords freely or manipulate their nervous system to move their arm to draw, paint or write.

Trance is Mental Mediumship. The most profound trance state allows the medium not to be conscious of what is said or done during the session. There are a number of people that can achieve this state enough to enable the spirit to control to have control of the event entirely. However, it depends on the depth of Trance and quality based on the medium's ability to move their mind into the holding stillness.


Trance art also has its level where the medium artist can be in a light awakened altered state to feel inspired by what they feel from the spirit communicator. Everyone can achieve this same state daily and throughout the day when you move into a 'daze-like state'. Have you ever driven to a destination and realised you missed half the journey. Have you ever gazed out the window to find yourself locked into a dreamlike haze state?

Over time, depending upon the quality of blending between yourself and your spirit control, you can achieve an advanced trance state, and if your desire is for Trance Art, it's possible a spirit artist guide that wishes to work with you may. At first, like any relationship, it may take time to understand each other, but as you build the relationship together, they may one day work through you, painting in their style as they once did in the incarnate body.



This workshop is to work in the 'lightest' trance state, the hazy daze state I call it. The presence of the spirit communicator can influence you, but you are still 'with it', mentally, this means from your own homes; you can be guided to a light state of altered consciousness, light enough to stay in control of your body and awakened in your surroundings but also balanced to move the mind in the delicate state to paint inspired by your guide.



  • Introduction to Beginners Trance Art

  • Presentation of a slideshow on the history with video

  • Material list handout

  • Drawing Activity

  • Trance Art Activity at least 2 paintings on canvas

  • Space Preparation / Materials Check

  • and much more, the program list sent on confirmed booking.

An Introductory taster Trance art workshop for complete beginners and held over two days as the times above show, and this is a workshop to provide a taster into the first steps towards trance art for trainee spirit and psychic artists.

The focus is more on the activity process than the profound breakdown lessons on Trance. You will work in an altered state to produce art in this light altered trance state.

Please note that the workshop may finish between 7.30 pm and 8.30 pm as some activities allow for showcasing of work; depending on the number of attendees, it may shorten or expand the workshop to an earlier or later time.


ENTRY LEVEL: COMPLETE BEGINNERS - NEW TO INSPIRATIONAL TRANCE ART - if you are a complete beginner, novice, or someone with a little more experience but generally interested in practicing your trance art and comfortable to learn at the pace of a beginner.

It may not suit people already with the skills to do trance art. As a practical workshop, it will cover information on Trance sufficient for beginners and is not an advanced trance lecture workshop.




Due to the limited number of students permitted in the Trance Art, Automatic Drawing and Automatic Writing Workshop.  I have to be super specific at the entry-level due to limited spaces. if you are a complete beginner, novice, or someone with a little more experience but generally interested in practicing your trance art and comfortable to learn at the pace of a beginner.  If more advanced, you may not get from the workshop what your prior intention level is set at, so please bear that in mind. Any attendee who not teaching Trance or Trance art are most welcome from the UK or Non-UK residents interested in developing Trance Art. 


Let's get connected with Spirit Trance Art!


  • Presentation Talk

  • Students Practice

  • Doors open 30 minutes before the event

Tutor: Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip DSNU 

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Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip, DSNU


Spiritualist Medium, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach and Spiritual Visionary Artist.