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What are Spirit Portraits?



I am a Spiritualist Medium at a Diploma level in demonstrating and teaching (DSNUt). I have worked at the Arthur Findlay College both as Assistant Tutor and as a (Spare) Full Tutor on two separate weeks teaching my own groups teaching Mediumship. I have given tutorials and talks and held workshops to the entire college (over 50 students at one time) and some having been Japanese students. I have demonstrated once at open week in the College, and also during their evening of divine services, as well as other great local churches also. 

In 2014, I won the SNU Gordon Higginson Scholarship Award!   I also love my work as a Spirit Portraiture artist and Fine Art artist and draw and oil paint portraits of people and animals. I used to play the piano well too!

Spirit Portrait Artist London
TAP.Dip Professional


Held on steadfast to my idea of wanting to be a tutor at the Arthur Findlay College.  The idea of teaching people from all over the world at the prestigous college was a driving factor.  To then recognise I'd be the first person of colour to be on the wall, was indeed the anchor to keep me going when at times I felt like quitting.  LIstening to Spirit, with their support and guidance even when I'd lost hope, they always knew better.

Friday 10 June 2022 - Let it be marked that a person of color was finally introduced onto the Gallery wall with all other tutors.

I first began the steps to the college in 2010, and twelve years later....  I did it!

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I also hold a TAP.dip (in Training the Trainer qualifications: Facilitation, Design and Delivery, Effective Presentations, Coaching and more. I was a professional IT Trainer for nearly 19 years and I have held the DTLLS for over 10 years (equivalent to a Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training).


I currently work as a Design and Delivery eLearning Instructional Specialist, creating e-learning training course videos for the business.




As a Medium, simply allow the voice of Spirit, the loved one wishing to be heard and relay their information to the sitter.

I have been advertised in Spirit and Destiny magazine a few times and in one article called me the Voice Vibration reader due to my ability to give readings just listening to the vibration of your voice.   I've been told many a time about the accuracy of my readings, however, I only tell what I see, feel and sense when doing Psychic readings.   

My hobbies are painting professional Portrait's using Oils, and Pet Portrait Digital Art commissions. I  paint Auragraphs and design and make animation videos to promote small one-person businesses selling products or services and of course conducting 1:1 coaching sessions.

2016-10-31 08.07.23.jpg

I am simply a Life seeker for the truth, and offer my knowledge to be of service to spirit, whether in the incarnate or discarnate form.  I therefore provide you with an array of my services to support your jump to your next stepping stone.   I have spent many years developing my ability, many lonesome paths I have walked with a tear or two, and when faced with hurdles from my own fears, lack of confidence to overhearing unkind spoken words by people I once looked up to has given me the insight I have. 


I believe most of us want these 8 things:

  • To be happy

  • To be loved

  • To be healthy

  • To have meaningful friendships

  • To be productive

  • To feel successful

  • To be of service

  • To invent

However all the above are subjective to each individual.  At the Portrait of Spirit we offer you the opportunity to explore new avenues to unfold your Spiritual paths.

Now this may ruffle a few feathers. I'm unsure why it appears that in a movement that is meant to be Spiritual, for some, it seems the only way to feel good about the status or power one has over another is to practice excessive judgemental negative attitudes towards students learning to become of service for the world of Spirit. 

I guess this method has helped me over my years of training to instil the 'brotherhood of man' in the classroom, as outside in the bigger, wider world, we are all professionals in our own right, and in our own work. 


I believe in providing value for money and value of time. It goes both ways and this allows me to give my very best.  I hope this provides you with a snippet into my personality and if considering joining my next workshop, I look forward to seeing you. In the meantime, take a look at the student's feedback. 


I will you well.

I wish you peace.

I hope to see you in the next event.

Anne-Marie Bond DSNUt, TAP.dip




Amongst that in my spare time I have taught Spiritual development for my own groups in Mediumship and Spirit Art for over 9 years and each year personally strive to do continue developmental learning for myself to continue pushing the boundaries of my comfort zones towards learning to be the best facilitator and voice for Spirit I can be and for those earthlings, wishing to improve their skills.


When it comes to demonstrating, do I get nervous...?? Absolutely! However, it's how we harness those nerves to power the event we are about to take on that matters!



I really love what I do.  All classes are designed and lead by me and if you read the students feedback you'll gain a better idea what others really think!. I look forward to meeting with you soon x

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