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The Psychic Artist Development

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Come and join others in our weekly step-by-step drawing Auragraphs. Beginners follow the tutors live demonstration and improve their drawing skills. Do you want to improve your drawing skills? Are you new to drawing or a little more skillfull?  Come and join in!  A great atmosphere awaits you!

Come to single classes as you choose or 'all classes' and gain a discount. 

Suitable for Beginners:

Starting: 26 May 2023

Varied times

Tutor: Anne-Marie Bond 

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The International Auragraph Circle Overivew

Hello and welcome awesome person!  If you are interested in learning to draw or improve your drawing skills why not set time aside and join our international Online Psychic Artist Drawing Development class. You may join the entire course or attend standalone single classes, held weekly on a Friday evening (UK times) between 10 February 2023 and 21 April 2023

The tutor will draw a live Auragraph and the goal is for you to draw the same Auragraph.  You will 'clearly see each mark drawn on the screen in real time'.  Each class lasts for one hour.  By registering you are embarking on drawing therapy for the Soul.


The benefits are new drawing skills, reducing tension and anxiety and as a mindfulness drawing class you will enjoy and feel empowered by the carefully choosen songs played during the second part of the session when colouring your Auragraph.    Use this drawing class to help you start a new journey into positive affirmational changes within. 

Part 1:

  • Each week follow step-by-step the drawing with the tutor

  • At half time choose your preferred method to colour the Auragraph or purchase the Auragraph book 'How to color Auragraphs' go here

  • No previous drawing experience necessary - complete beginners unable to draw are welcome

  • A room full of kindness, calm and balance of energy to restore your drawing confidence


All Frindays and times are in UK GMT

Check your timezones here:

MAY 26 - 8.30PM

JUN 02 - 7.00PM

JUN 09 - 8.30PM

JUN 16 - 8.30PM

JUN 23 - 8.30PM

jUL 07 - 7.00PM

JUL 21 - 7.00PM

AUG 04 - 7PM

AUG 18 - 7PM

AUG 18 - 8PM

Join ALL classes or SINGLE classes

Teacher: Anne-Marie Bond TAP.dip

When you click to buy the dates will differ. Please note, the correct dates and times are those shown above my picture!

No refunds are provided. Please ensure when paying you are able to attend from May 26.  Any payment for a single session will automatically be recieved for the next session.