Private 1:1

White Flower


An initimate session where the invitation to the spirit world is given and the request for a loved one, a friend from the past may step forward in our session to be remembered by you.  Whilst we are unable to dictate who should appear, by remaining open to who can, creates the vibrational opening for later on, that one person you wanted to hear from, if they can, will arrive.

No guarantees are made that your loved one, that specifc person will appear as they too have their own free will but also it depends upon the engertic vibration at that time.

Due to the nature of the service, no refunds can be offered.  This session is via Zoom and once your payment arrives an email will be sent offering you to choose from the next 3 available dates.

Please note: Currently there is a one month waiting period, please book inadvance.

30 mins: Booked to suit your timetable: 

Friday's or Saturday's


Private Mediumship Sitting with Anne-Marie Bond

Medium, Speaker, Teacher, Coach


30 minutes