DATE: 31 July 2021

7.00pm-9.00pm UK

LEVEL: Strong Beginners to Intermediates

The 3rd Refine Your Mediumship workshop to assist Strong Beginners to Intermediate levels how to 'Strengthen Staying in The Power' when working.  A unique exercise to support you thriving in your development.

When you attend this workshop you will be given the exercises to provide you with an alternative way to build your strength at 'staying within the power' and deepening your evidence!


Come and discover the MAGIC working solely to work on double contacts in a private sitting and platform work. Student's love this exercise in our weekly Friday Refine Your Mediumship circles, as it provides the opportunity to feel less exposed and vulnerable if having to work alone. 

Over time Anne-Marie has learnt various student's often want to 'stay in the power' but rarely do exercises to promote that skill.  This workshop will help you experience the opportunity to see if it works for you and by breathing, slowing down, your evidence will be clearer and possibly more accurate.

Your playground should be in the classroom, not the live public service.

Working with multiple student's working together to establish a contact and each present different aspects of the Spirit communicator can help you stay and hold onto the power until your turn to speak.  It will also teach when working alone, pausing to retrieve information' will not move you from the power.

A final experiment where all students will take part in, at the end of the workshop.





DATE: 31 July 2021

TIME: 7 pm to 9 pm UK-GMT

  • 2 pm Eastern

  • 11 am Central

  • 10 am Mountain 

You are responsible to check your own time zone against GMT/BST ahead of the workshop.


Strong Beginners to Intermediates

Once payment arrives you'll receive a confirmation link within an hour from the tutor.

  1. Zoom link will be provided 5 days prior to the event

  2. Due to limitation of student numbers advisable to book in advance

  3. Doors will always open 30 mins prior to event (always arrive early).

  4. Cameras are required to be on 

  5. Refunds are not provided beyond 48 hours of payment made (for any reason)

  6. Recording of the event is strictly prohibited without prior permission

The purpose is to support you learning how to Stay in the Power when delivering Mediumship working and blending with the information inside of double links.


Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip, DSNU

Spiritualist Medium, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach and Spiritual Visionary Artist.

"Working with students is a great love. For even I am still a student for we never stop learning.  I found that practising mediumship when performing double links gave me time to breathe and also was less intimidating as a trainee student.  Anne-Marie x"



These are part of a collective series of Mediumship development from the Beginner to advanced Medium to support your growth. Some support the quality of exercises presented in the weekly Refine Your Mediumship Development Coaching circle. Choose to attend in sequence or pick and choose what you feel will assist your growth in Mediumship

Workshop 1 (Beg) -

Your Kind of Medium

Workshop 2 (Lower Inter) -

Understanding Mediumship and the No's

Workshop 3 (Inter)-

Double Contact Mediumship

Workshop 4 (Adv) -

Demonstrating Platform Mediumship

Workshop 5 (Adv) -

The Final Message in Mediumship

Specialised Workshop

How to Train with Spirit (in Spirit) (Mixed)


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