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Art Course 

Chalk Colors

Welcome to the Spirit Guide in Charcoal Workshop


Learn how to draw the face of your Spirit Guide practicing with Charcoal. Suits beginners.

Drawing spirit guides is a great way to find out who is helping you behind the veil.  It is a lovely way for beginners or more experienced to deepen their drawing while listening to music for the attunement and in the space of other people doing the same thing, at the same time. 

A short introduction how to use the materials with ample time to draw either a spirit guide or spirit family member and tell their story to the group.   

Come and join this taster workshop!  £26.50

If you've missed out on this workshop, you can either book a private teaching session or email your interest to rent the training video when available in 2023. Get in Touch


Provided on confirmed booking

The following workshops sold out.  They will be moved to training rentable videos. If you are interested and want more information please contact Anne-Marie.

spirit portrait by annemarie.webp



Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip, DSNU

Spiritualist Medium, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach and Spiritual Visionary Artist.

Spirit Guide
Spirit Art Guides Workshop
Spirit Art Workshop


“Taken this workshop in the past and it was fantastic. I'm looking forward to rejoining the next one"  I would highly recommend.


"I've always found Anne-Marie's classes to be informatative and interesting.  Seeing my guide looking back on me on the paper really made the connection seem real.


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