A FRIDAY NIGHT in with Anne-Marie Bond 

Becoming a Spiritualist

Demonstrator, Speaker, Teacher, Gordon Higginson Scholarship Winner (2014) and AFC approved assitant Tutor.




If you are interested in listening to my story, my Spiritual unfoldment from the beginning of my journey until now, I invite you to join me and a few others to hear my unscripted talk. I will share all I can within our time together in the hope of paying homage to those in the spirit world that have worked with me, but for you also, to help encourage you on your lonely Spiritual pathway and my aim is to inspire you from the story of my journey.

Feel free to join the Q/A at 8.45pm to 9pm (the after party).  Perhaps you have a question about your own journey and I can help?  I will be sipping on Champagne in this event, so bring your own preferred refreshment. And as my event, I can say what I want, how I want, and about what I want, because it's my party and I'll dring Champagne if I want too x haha.


I began my unfoldment as a healthy sceptic but also with ZERO, BELOW ZERO confidence to demonstrate, to speak publicly, let alone teaching. 

I've also invited a guest to share with you about her new book and how one of my Spirit Portraits drawings have ended up in it.  

Author, Teacher, Medium DSNU: Sharon DeBartolo Carmack

- Amazing NEW Book:  In Search of Maria B. Hayden



Friday 19 March 2021

7.30 pm  -  8.45 pm UK GMT

The doors will open from 7.00 pm to allow you to relax, look at some of my drawings whilst I play music in the background. I'm likely to close the doors when we begin just to avoid disruption.  I may lock entry to the event when we begin. Hope you sign in early.x


For security reasons in this intimate event, please email me for the Zoom code or register directly here (and then receive the ZOOM code instantly).


If attending, could you stay the full duration? It can be a little disappointing when people drop from Zoom sessions right before the ending of services.




I hope that with my 'unscripted talk', I will inspire you in your Spiritual unfoldment.  So, I do hope your coming and don't forget, you can also tell a friend, in a group or your students.

Everyone Welcome x


I would love to hear about 'part of your journey'. Come and share your story, as others also share theirs for another Friday night in with Anne as the Audience shares their journey.


Friday 23 April 2021

7.30 pm - 9.30 pm


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